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Short Term Funding

Short term loans allow for very fast funding so you get a lump sum of cash with a predetermined payment term. Payment is usually made daily, weekly or bi-weekly. The short term loan is best for business with high and consistent sales that are in need of quick unsecured cash to use however you need.

Long Term Funding

Term loan is a common form of long term business funding. You get a lump some of cash upfront to invest in your business and repay with interest over a predetermined time period. Best for businesses looking to expand that have good credit and strong business revenue. Offers fast funding typically within 2 days to a week.

SBA (7)a

These loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration because of this they offer some of the lowest rates on the market as well as long repayment terms and the ability to borrow up to $5 million. Repayment ranges from 7- 25 years based upon how you plan to use the money. SBA loans are best for strong credit borrowers who have been operating for 2 years and are willing to work on the long application process to expand their business or refinance debt.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring is a common funding option used within the Trucking and staffing industry. It is best suited for a business that does business to business or business to government transactions. It allows for a upfront payment of 30, 60 ,or 90 day invoices that are receivable .

Line of Credit

A line of credit gives you access to funds up to your credit limit which can be borrowed and paid back multiple times while only paying interest on the money you borrow. This is a flexible and typically unsecured way to borrow money for seasonal businesses or businesses that need help managing cash flow or handling unexpected expenses.

Equipment Financing

Equipment loans help you purchase equipment with competitive rates if you have good credit and good finances. The equipment serves as collateral and the term is usually calculated off of the expected life span of the purchased equipment.

Startup Funding

Startup funding allows for new businesses or current businesses with little to no revenue to still get access to lump sum capital to start or grow..

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment financing can mean many different options from Fix and Flip Funding to ground up construction and multi family homes. If you are a real estate investor in need of capital for a new project or existing project we can most likely help.


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